N R Narayana Murthy
2017-01-19, 04:27
P Satya Narayan Menon and P Sai Shankar Menon
2017-01-19, 03:48
Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality, and in this case, a whole set of thoughts, ideas, concepts, drawings and plans.
Suffice it to say that it was a leap of faith for us in 2014 to engage Rema and her firm, Ineidos, for the architectural design of our home in Bangalore, especially since we knew so little of the industry or how difficult any construction project can prove to be.
Since that time, we have collaborated with her on this project from conceptualisation until completion - a period of 2+ years, and not once have we been let down. She impressed us with her passion for her work and extended herself beyond the scope of her engagement. Her response times (to emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages, even on weekends) were super-speedy. She has come across as professional, proactive, diligent, patient and her support to us during this period has vastly exceeded any expectations we may have had. Our experience has been a sharp contrast to typical “vendor/service provider” and “transaction” style of operation that we otherwise see all around us.
A shout-out to Saipriya Ramkumar, Pavana Rao and Gowtham who assisted Rema and whom we could also lean on at different points during this project.
The “Skylight Home” with its living room balcony, the window niches, puja design and ample garden spaces are but a few of the many design elements that blend functionality with aesthetics elegantly.
We thank Rema for her commitment to the project and wish her and Ineidos the very best !!!
Nalini and Rags Srinivasan
Jakarta, Indonesia
2017-01-12, 09:36
Dear Rema

As we had said earlier, our flat J1202 Brigade Gateway has come out very well. It looks nice, well laid out and the entire interior gives the warm and friendly feel we had wanted. The excellent aesthetics has in no way compromised on functionality - including small details on lighting points and exact location of every small item and detail. Staying miles away in Jakarta, we could never have got it done without your complete commitment and passion for excellence. Our very special thanks to you for co-ordinating with the builder on all the changes and modifications, taking care of the interiors (including all fixtures) fully all the way up to hand over. We are aware that its not easy to co-ordinate with a big builder with their own bureaucracy. Our special thanks for your patient persistence on this.

We particularly like the entrance treatment, the pooja, the drawing room effect, and study space. Our only regret is that we are not moving immediately to live there!

Thanks again. We are sure you will do very well, by sheer dent of passion and merit. Nevertheless, our good wishes will be with you.

With best wishes,
2017-01-12, 09:32
In an industry fraught with time delays and lack of accountability to the work committed, Ineidos was a breath of fresh air. We were presented plans and options in time and the project was completed as per schedule. While the commercial agreement we had with Ineidos was for design, Rema put in discretionary effort in Project management as well to ensure the project was delivered as per plan within the timelines agreed. We like the openness in the office, and we have heard quite a few good comments about the design of the office by the people who visit us.
S Premkumar Raja
Nightingales Medical Trust, Bangalore
2017-01-11, 16:47
We had the privilege of utilizing the professional services of Ms Rema Vaidyanathan, an Architect, while our Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's in Bangalore was at the final stage of completion in Jan 2010.

Being a non-profit NGO working for the well being of senior citizens, we had some financial constraints and could not afford to engage a an Architect for the building. As a result, at the time of completion, there were some serious lapses in the building architecturally. At that time Ms. Rema was introduced to us by one of our well wishers. Ms Rema willingly took up the challenge and suggested some additions and modifications in the structure.

Her suggestions were carried out and the building came to a good shape and got an attractive look, all in a cost effective manner.
People who visit the Centre now express appreciation about the architectural finish of the building. Ms Rema's commitment and dedication for this social cause and her timely help are very commendable.
We wish her a bright future.